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Alliance Situation - Fluffy with Fangs

Okay, I’m part of this alliance, Fluffy with Fangs, and there are nearly thirty members, but only two regularly active members (myself included)…Three on a good day…

Basically, I don’t lead this alliance and neither does the other active member…In fact, the leader hasn’t been on the game for a long while (they’re still on level 11). SO, if anyone at Ludia out there can help transfer leadership or something, that would be helpful. Otherwise we’re looking for new (active) alliances to join. Both of us are getting frustrated at how far behind we are at not getting any Apex Raids or any further than level 2 with alliance incubators.

In the game, my user is AdamusPrime24 and the other user is ‘Amjkage’ (holler if you’re on here, too, dood).

Any help or response is much appreciated. ^^

why not join with ur friends to a new alliance?

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Leadership can only be transferred. If you want you can join Run Fossil Run. We have 3 spots available

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Could do, but I think the feeling of my friend is that we’d rather join established and active alliances ^^

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Hey if you are looking for a nice active alliance feel free to join WhenDinosaursRuledEarth

The requirements are joining the discord for raids and communication and getting your 10 takedowns in tournament every week!

If you are interested just add me on discord Jurricane #9538 or message here

AncientDNA is an active and friendly Alliance, we like to help with raids and we get Teir 8 rewards at the end of the Tournaments! (if each member contributes)

So far we have been able to beat every Apex raid except Gorgotrebax! (That thing is rather difficult to beat tbh)

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Hi, thanks for the heads up! ^^ So far these are a few offers that don’t feel like an ultra serious job interview situation XD I’ll contact my alliance friend, see what they say ^^

(Also, I don’t have discord…feel that needs to be mentioned and a lot of folk find that important)

Update: Many thanks for everyone who has made offers for us; the responses have been much appreciated…My friend and I have made a decision and we’re now within the alliance ‘Underground Parasaurs’. ^^