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Alliance size

Just curious question. Do you think 50 for the alliance is a good size?

Would 10 be too small? Would be easy to keep eye on everyone and to manage with lack of tools. Could also implement a true alliance with 4 other groups making your alliance still up to 50 just 5 groups of 10.

20 to 25 seems good as well. This is usually how many active are in a lot of alliances anyway. And could still set up an alliance with a brother or sister alliance for sanctuaries, friendlies, etc.

50 To me it seems like a lot. But how is it for you?

100 Just massive chaos lol. Would have to have leader tools but may be good for some?

Obviously alliance missions would need to be adjusted, hence trying to keep the numbers at even divisible. 1/5, 1/2, same, or 2x current rewards. What do you guys think? Would you like to see alliance size change? I know its probably never going to happen. But could make it easier and mean you have to recruit less often

Always someone online for a friendly battle, donations get filled, always someone to chat with. Wouldn’t want any less than 40, but more than 60 would be a bit much.

Yeah I agree with that. That’s also why I suggest if you lower size down you can still alli with 4 other groups. Basically it would be similar like it is now, but you would have access to 5 groups of sanctuaries to help each other out, still friendly them, and have a group chat. But their leader cant kick out your members and they can put dinos in your sanctuaries but they can interact with them. So that could solve the no one on to friendly against.

If sizes were to change I would want the ability to partner up with other alliances to make up that difference. If not yeah a lot of little things become harder

It would make things a bit complicated. The power of the game relies mostly on simplicity. Not too many buttons and functions, simple for everyone to use.

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The current size of alliances is too small. There is not enough room to include all my friends into 1 alliance and not enough room to make more new friends in the game.

What if there was only one alliance? Players would be ranked by donations. Each donation equals one point. The top donaters would qualify for rewards much like tournaments are. There would be no limit on sanctuaries and with all players working for the same goal there would be several at level 20. For those that need coins it would be much easier to max the 15k daily. The hard to fill requests would fill for those that have a high donation number which would encourage everyone.
Imagine no more recruiting or darting everything to meet alliance missions. We would all have a common goal.

50 is a good size. My main concern as a leader is replacing inactive users with new members as it’s always hard to keep everybody happy while achieving the alliance’s objectives.

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