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Alliance someone!

Please if anyone has an alliance I can join that would be great. Because playing singleplayer is not cutting it. Im on level 7 and need help. Plz. I got a smilodon on level 12 and a wooly on level 13 and A T rex. Also a stigymoloch at level 12.

PS: I’m on level 40 campaign and need guidance.

How many cups do u have? maybe u can find a alliance that allows that range of cups

maybe or maybe not

I have like 260-300

Try Diggies club

Ok thanks. Will do

Please feel free to apply to The Fangs of China if you are still in need of an active alliance

Ok thank you for giving me an idea

What is your “Clans” name?

Razzorz warriors …it’s just me for now… I just started the clan and I’m trying to get members to come over . If your willing to stay I will promote you right away!!

John R Cadle