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Alliance spots reqd

I am looking for a super excited alliance . Me and my friend are currently in Aviary arena. The current alliance is not that excited for some time now and the latest update to the game has created more problems. Nevertheless being the top contributors it’s disheartening to see level 4 reached (barely) on the last day.

We can move if 2 spots are available.

Raptor hunters are still very active, we require discord and are a 5/4 Ranking alliance. If interested, contact me on discord. cakemom13#2854

Retribution of the Ended is currently looking for active members!!

Hi, may i know your game level and your friend?
We get mission to 5-4 usually in about 3 days, but only want active players with reasonably game level like 15.
If u and your friend are interested, u can pm me your details…thank u

Thanks for your response, I’ve just joined Raptor
Hunters alliance.

PS: We both are level 20, currently in Aviary arena

Okay, if u wish to change can look me up.
We done 5-4 every week and always days ahead.