Alliance The Danes recruit

Doo you fire loads of darts ? Do you play dayli ?? Is there no room in Apex Pred ? Doo you want to join a 4/3 alliance and make it a 5/5 ? Can you beat the Queen of direct hits and darts fired or you wanna get the chance ? Join The Danes ! Min lvl 15 !

Hello there :slight_smile:

Are you in a alliance with long time members who left the game maby even your Leader is not playing anymore :cry:? Finding yourself figting alone​:pleading_face: ? Doing everything yourself :pleading_face:? Are you constantly requesting dna but not reciving any even if you donate too everyone else ? :pleading_face: Are you lvl 15 ?

Doo you participate ( doo them 10 take downs ) in tournaments ?

Why dont you apply too TheDanes ? We will doo a very Big clean up on monday ! We are not super hype ! Casual and cozy friendly alliance !

No trofie Enter demand :blush:
No discord😊

All we ask : Active ! Enjoy ! Be Nice ! Doo them 10 take downs .

Nothing else play the game :slight_smile: be Nice and active and doo them 10 take downs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: