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Alliance (Top500) looking for top players 1-2 (SPOTS FILLED) THANKS ! 🙂

We came in the top 40 for alliances last alliance competition. We finish exploration with 2-3 days left and defence usually tier 4 and focusing on finishing that I believe the 4000 battles gets us on that each week. But the most important is finished first .

-We follow a rule for requesting and donating-IF you request DNA you must contribute to others . If you choose not to request ever then that’s up to you and you don’t have to donate.
-We do have a optional Facebook group to join in which we will be starting contests(Starting JUNE 1st) in which I’ll be giving away monthly gift cards to whoever wins for whatever device you are on to purchase in game Bucks$$ However you must be on the Facebook to take part as it is held there.(optional to join Facebook) we do share screen shots of donations to see who’s donating and who’s not. The majority in our alliance has been here since I created the alliance. We are a great Team and want the best for our alliance.

-Super Active!
-Follow the Requesting and donating rule.
-Love the Game!!
-International Alliance!

-Facebook group is optional to join.

We need 1-2 players to join us! Lots of great alliances and top alliances out there we are definitely a great option if you fit well with us!

Either message here or PM me and we can talk!
Please Do not apply without messaging first most wont be accepted .

UPDATE -Spot are now filled! Thanks :pray:

DinoLord :slightly_smiling_face::metal:

Where are u at om the mission this week? Were 35 percent through rank 4 exploration already.

We usually finish rank 4 by Thursday or Friday with 2-3 days left as stated above. Currently we’re at rank 4 almost. Exploration is irrelevant it is the defence that barley gets done by alliances. DNA isn’t the best but still a focus for us to finish before Monday’s of each reset. We reach 3/4 of tier 4 . Always finish exploration a few days prior to finish but defence always the last mission we don’t finish is 4000 battles or open the required amount of incubators sometimes as well. 2000 is reasonable I think . Our alliance is international so we do have a lot of players on different time zones. Usually they either get finished at night or during the day.

But yes most alliances with over 40 members should finish exploration anyhow. It’s not very hard. We never have below 47 members as all our team are long term in the alliance . It took a while to find the right fit but we have a solid team. Need 1-2 more members of which we’re saving for super active and higher ranking Top500 material.

International alliance is the way to go. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

@Dinocop so you’ll be done the exploration today?

We have east and west teams within alliance so it runs well all day. A lot of teams in the 3000 trophy range but doesn’t matter if they are active. We will finish exploration tomorrow, is 100pm est here. We always finish Wednesday, Thursday latest. We don’t bother with rank 5 defence only for so we work on our own teams as soon as exploration done.

For any alliances having problems with exploration, if you don’t know this. Hold your mission rewards during the following weeks mission and open them as you progress. Have someone update the alliance as too progress. This allows for missions to be completed very fast.

So have 1 person open. That is enough to get to rank one. Everyone hold.

Then 2 people open for rank 1.

3 people open for rank 2. That along with darting requires is enough. Then about 10 for rank 3, that with darting requirements and incubators is enough. The rest of alliance opens in rank 4.

This helps with DNA and progress playing without opening rewards all counts toward new mission. The only slow down is darting.

Yeah might be easier to coordinate that with a non international alliance. Everyone in our alliance is active. If they are not they get replaced. By active I don’t mean everyday but I believe 90% of our alliance is daily players. We also don’t have anyone below 3700 achievements . We don’t use tricks just go hard for the reward but everyone has their methods. Would work great for smaller alliances though.:+1:

I monitor everything pretty closely lol but for the good of the alliance :metal::wink:

Lots of great alliances out there…

Ours is international. We communicate only with the game chat. Had 43 in alliance but 47 currently. Were pretty active with our 3 accounts. Did 12,000 darts, 2500 spins and 350,000 DNA towards last rank 5. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like your good to go then :+1: best of luck with your 3 positions :+1::slightly_smiling_face: lots of players seeking alliances. It’s just finding the best and active for the most part. We lost two players due to 1.7 update and that sux but most have been in it from the start or shortly after I created it and all enjoy it here :+1: were usually full most of the time. Figured I would try the forum instead of accepting level 15-20’s that don’t speak or reply or are not active. Communication is important.

Again Best of luck ! :metal::slightly_smiling_face: @Dinocop

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Would be interested in joining alliance. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of the daily work in my current alliance. Regularly hovering between 3400-3600 trophies, level 17, close to 3 unique dinos with none yet.