Alliance Top500 seeking new members must be active(contact here only) seeking 2 players now!

We finish 5-4 with 2/3 days left on exploration done fairly easy. We monitor that people requesting are donating with screen shots on Facebook alliance group . We also have a discord group so 2 options.

I’ve cleaned out some inactive players and players just leeching off donations and not contributing to others.

SEEKING at least 3 players now! Please DM ! Recruiting only from a message and confirmation on forums. :metal::wink:

We are looking for players that will communicate and work together on sanctuary’s and be apart of the game plan. Must be active daily. Must be level 20 unless your a crazy active player and top contributor and all of the above .

I have a screen time of 8-10 hours a day most days of the week. Majority of our alliance are daily players if not all.

Key terms for joining below.
-Sanctuary organizing on discord optional.
-If a requesting member you must donate what you can to others. Doesn’t mean you have to donate everything ! Also if you don’t request (ever) donating is optional.

-We also have a channel on discord for posting some needs and what you have to offer. Perhaps organizing some donations and requests .
**COMMUNICATION is a must either must be on Facebook or discord . Though now we are leaning towards discord which is amazing for organizing and planning sanctuary’s and alliance specific chat.

Please DM me DinoLord and let’s see if we can get you on our team of which hosts some great players!

Thanks everyone!

DinoLord out!