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Alliance tournament bug

In my lastest battle the game wouldn’t allow me to choose the dino i wanted during battle. Time ran out and it chose for me. Also i could not choose the moves i wanted, it just made my dino use the first move on the moves list once time ran out. Needless to say i lost a good chunk of alliance trophys due to it.

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Hello Madflavor, welcome to the forums! I’m sorry to hear about this. Have you tried restarting the game to see if it works? If the problem persists, our support team would be glad to have a closer look and assist you. Please reach out to them at with your support key and device information, as it helps them locate your account faster in our system. Thank you.

It’s known bug. Mostly happen at speedties. Restart helps, but you lose few turns.

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Ah ok good to know, I’m a new player and this was my first time running into it