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Alliance Tournament


Quick concept: In your alliance the leader can have the option of creating an in-game tourny within the alliance, where teammates battle each other to victory! Trophies and levels will decide on who you will fight, so in order to participate you would have to reach a certain level to compete due to un fair match making. The leader can have 15 participants,including themselves, to fight to get a prize!! Rewards include:Quarter finalists:Cash Semi-Finalists:Cash, rare incubator Finalists:Rare or epic Champion:Epic incubator (low chance of premium) Leader gets to decide who qualifies by choosing active, players. People who dont participate get no reward(but get a chance to join the next tourny),but for people who do have 1 of 3 options while in the tourny,1. They can drop if they are unable to participate for reasons(note:only available if the tourney hasnt begun yet),2.continue or drop the tourny but loses reward currently on(ex:If the are one of the finalists the will not get the reward for that teir and get the “ok” prizes for the teirs they did complete)3.If they find the battle too difficult they can surrender but still get prize for semi-finals or quarter depending on where they stand. Leader will pay for the tourny and recieve a free rare incubator or free coins (max:4000-8000) each time one is created. The price for creating could be 100 dino bucks for a randomized tourny(random as in players are chosen at random) or 200 for selecting who participates. A person can mot go twice in a row,unless they choose to pay a small fee​:wink:, of 100 dino bucks, so probably best to wait. Speaking of waiting a tournament will last from 1-4 dats at max. Time given for people to join in the battle they are currently are set up in ranges from 1-3 minutes, if they fail to show up they are automatically disqualified, unless they need to rescedhule, but only the battle can be moved to 30min-1hour. If both players fail to show, a random person from the alliance will be able to take their place in the next teir they were on(not including Champion). Oh boy this was long if anybody feels like they can add or fix something plz tell me because I wanna hear all of your ideas!:sweat_smile:


Yes, the is supposed to be they and mot is not. Boy i was excited to get it all out there i havent noticed until now