Alliance Update Suggestions

I have a couple of things I really think would allow better gaming experience by adding it changing to the alliance feature of the game.

  1. Please please please add Discord integration. My alliance members are not joining the discord I have set up because it is too complicated to copy over the link. Just do this already!

  2. Allow private messaging to certain members by the leader, co-leader(s), and officer(s). That way if a member is not being active we can contact them personally to see what’s going on and figure out the best plan of action. This would be so much easier than making an announcement in the alliance chat.

  3. Get rid of the word count limit in alliance chat. This is really annoying when I have things that need to be discussed but I have to divide it across three messages (and can’t use discord because of previously mentioned issues).

  4. Put a new type of notification at the beginning startup of the game that has (the Leader has made an announcement! “Whatever the leader says”) or better yet a push notification that shows up outside of the game app. I feel like no one is getting my announcements because they don’t check the alliance chat often enough.

Please consider these suggestions!

Added edit: Allow the leader to move, remove, or switch animals around in sanctuaries or remove certain sanctuaries entirely. The sanctuaries are becoming very cluttered and there are more benefits to better few sancs than many low level sancs.


I like all of these suggestions! Especially the ability to privately message someone and the notification thing.