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Alliance Value Addition (Warp to member GPS location)


You want to make Ailiances fun, Ludia? Add a way to invite alliance members to our GPS location to say, ‘grab a T-rex’ or what ever good dino we found.

Since your maps don’t have street names or town names with no real identifiable location features, jumping to an alliance members current gps location should not be an issue. (Believe me when my phone jumps just a quarter half mile I have a hard time telling where I am and I know the streets.)

For example. I’m out walking around and I see a Sinosaurus. I go to the location of the Sino, go to my alliance screen and hit an “Invite to location” button which zaps my x,y location to my alliance members. Any member on line gets a pop up notification of my invite. They have 10 minutes to accept or it goes. When they hit a “Go to location” button, it will teleport them to the gps location, load the map with all area drops and dino’s and they can grab the Sino, drops. if close to one or any other dino in reach if they so choose. When done, they hit a return button that takes them back to their actual location.

This will add real value to alliances more than just begging for dino’s. It will also make having alliance member who live in the different zones more valuable. It will make active alliance members who go out hunting more valuable.

Add to suggestion - This way an alliance member can invite to a strike tower location where we can sit and do the strike tower and then return to our actual location when done. This would really make alliances have real value.


This is an awesome idea


Sounds suspiciously like spoofing…


Love the idea… Problem is, could it be exploited by spoofers?


I dont think it will matter .

Ludia doesn’t take suggestions or listen to their playerbase, sad but true.


Wont matter. Ludia does not take suggestions from players. They have their own agenda. Sad but true.


In TWD Our World, I can set off a flare so that my other team members can “travel” to my gps location and take advantage of what’s there. I love it! Don’t see why it couldn’t be implemented in JWA.


Agreed, flares in TWD are very useful and a fun addition to basic GPS based gameplay.

On the other hand, flares are one of the very few things they got right in that mess of a game. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a welcome break from JWA. I don’t get nearly as frustrated. Lol


Try the newer game where you catch spookies (wont mention the name lol).

Its actually 3 games in one. You got your basic gps walk and catch stuff, then make a team and fight with it in the arena game (PoGo, JWA). Then you have 2 other modes that are for wifi, static internet (play from home PVE stuff). Tons of content to do and its pretty fun. :sunglasses:

They really broke the mold of the standard GPS based walk, catch and fight games.

Edit - I think PoGo and JWA are some of the last we will see of the “100% on the go, mobile only” walk, catch and fight, genre of games. Future GPS based games from here on will most likley all be a mix of mobile only with tons of seperate static wifi content.


Some already touched on it. One can simply make a newbie account, join an alliance spoof, launch a flare and voila. Rinse repeat free stuff for everyone. Problem being is you can’t punish the people that join the flare since they may or may not have had knowledge of the spoofing.


Unfortunately this sounds like a great way cheaters could exploit the game even more than they already do (e.g., by being allowed to join aliances). I therefore have to ask Ludia not to add “in game spoofing”.


Honestly i just think that JWA needs more wifi content.


i think isn’t a way to the spoofers take more advantage, it’s a way that all the players deal with the lack of spawns and who knows the use of secondary applications may be less present that in the actual game


We use flares in TWD to bring people to “infestations” which are kinda like raids in PoGo or multi stage strike towers in JWA.

I guess that I “kind of” see a point to using flare tech in JWA, but since there is no team content and everyone can get to a strike tower on their own, its only use would be for single epic spawns.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not against the idea, nor would it matter at all if I was. Just seems like a waste if they dont offer new tech and content to go along with the flare tech.


Sounds like a great way for folks that do not bother finding their own dinos to take it easy.


Agreed, this sounds great JHVS!! :grin:


So let me get this straight… You are proposing something that is basically against TOS, and counts as spoofing. Sorry, but I don’t think that bird will fly. The idea of “If Ludia does it, it’s technically no longer cheating” doesn’t apply here, as they aren’t likely to stumble into your trap.

Please hit Alt-F4 now, and terminate idea.


I play every day and grind for hours, yet I don’t see the epics available to others that live in a city or more populated areas. I’ve been playing since the end of May and have put some $$ into the game and still don’t have the uniques that some players have up to 25+. I take offense that you think it’s because I’m too lazy to grind and find my own.


I didn’t say anything about you, simply that this would most benefit those that are that way.

Regardless, this is exactly what spoofing is except Ludia would be facilitating the coordinate sharing. It’s a terrible idea and would just create groups that shared coordinates and relied on others to do the work the rest of us have to do ourselves. It’s a terrible idea.