Alliance Value Addition (Warp to member GPS location)


Can’t take it so personally! People take it personally and then get nasty. That’s bad for everyone. I appreciate a good conversation, even a good disagreement - if you can behave like you were talking to your mom. :blush:


I’m out.
We agreed to disagree.
I still like teamwork.


My mom and I are of the same personality type, so that’s a no-go there. LOL

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I also had to leave my hometown and parents to do what I needed to. It’s tough but once everyone gets settled it becomes very nice. I think that my father and I became much closer after I had to do all that. We still talk daily, often multiple times.

Also, Happy Hollidays to you and yours.


Our first seemed to come within 13 minutes of our marriage but the “second” was a trial so I know about that. It took seven years and two miscarriages before we were blessed with twins. Have a Happy Holliday,


Of all the ideas thrown out there over the past months, they incorporated the alliance idea which isn’t all that useful as it is now. The point being in having alliances is to help out our fellow members. Getting the right dna from other members to help you bump a dino to the next level does help occasionally.

Yea, me and my wife wheel and deal with “GOOD” dna we need for certain dino’s but don’t expect other members are going to hand out raptors and T-rex Gen 2 or what ever other hard to get dinos we need and can give to each other.

This idea was to add another way to help your fellow members get some good and hard to get dna by way of bringing each other to good dino spawns as we run across them.

If this is too good, yea, they can either limit the amount of location invites to one or two a day from each member or the ability to go to a location to only a few times a day. I think limiting the location invites would be better.

They limit the amount of dna you can give and the amount of requests you can make.

Even if they were to limit the location invites to 1 per day, if your in a big alliance of 50 active people and 25 make an invite during that day but your only on a few hours, you might get a chance to get 2 or 3 epics… more if your really paying attention.

I have more dna than coins to level many dinos as most. I have to be picky and choosy what I level. My problem is getting the right dna. Spoofers wouldn’t help… much, even if they invited me to every T-rex and raptor they could invite me to. I could not just instantly level an Indo to 30. I don’t have that kind of coin. It would take months unless I spent real money to buy the in game currency…(which I don’t think Ludia would mind).

If anyone has any other ideas to make alliances more useful, throw them out.


Doing this within limits could work in some way. It’s not a bad idea but all out it would be a mess I think. I appreciate that you offered a modification. There are many that could make such a thing neat for alliances while not causing the problems I sdescribed above.

What if there was a competition where once a day an alliance memeber found one epic dino and the best to dart it got 120% of the DNA, the one that found it was as guaranteed 100%, and the others got alloyed by their darting skills as ranked? That would be fun but not too much.


Wow, you really thought it thru. It sounds like allot of fun!


JHVS, just read the thread for the first time.

You are correct.


Haha JHVS kills it on this thread. This as Morty would say and Im too lazy to make the meme, this is just spoofing with extra steps.


I just read the entire thing…
I do now have concerns about it. I know a bit more about spoofing too