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Alliance Walleyeslayers is recruiting

We are an alliance which all members are reasonably active and only have 19 members so there are plenty of spaces! Weekly, we will put dinos in sanctuaries for other players and no request for dino DNA will end up with 0 DNA collected! Communication is not needed with us so don’t bother with telegram or discord. It is mostly about helping each other out and we are very active when it comes to raids! Please look us up and join us

Alliance name: Walleyeslayers
Must be active at least once a week
IF you are in badlands or above, please the 10 takedowns in tourneys

All are welcome…Please look us up and join!

Beginners are allowed in and we will help you become better in the game!

All are welcome. ( Seriously, as long as you are playing the game, you’re allowed in)

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