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Alliance Wars

I saw on the JWA Gamepress Discord server, someone had a very basic idea for a concept on “Alliance Wars”. I thought I’d expand on the idea and get very intricate.

Alliance Wars:
Alliance Wars are a new battle mechanic in which two Alliances can declare war on each other. Only Alliance Leaders can declare war, and they do this by going into their “Recent Opponents” tab, clicking on someone’s username, and tapping the new “Declare War” button. Not all Alliance Members will be able to participate, but all Alliance Members will get the reward.

Actual gameplay: The battle will work similarly to Raids, but the maximum amount of players on each team is eight. Leaders can only invite members of their own Alliance to the war. All creatures will be set to level 26, no stat boosts. Any rarity is allowed. Like Raid bosses, there will be two rounds, but if both teams lose one time, a third tie-breaker round will occur, in which the two leaders will be the ones to decide the winning score.

Prizes: Prizes have a biweekly schedule. Mondays will yield the highest reward, being a single Premium incubator (to each member of the alliance). After that, the rewards decrease in value with each war. This cycle resets every other Monday.
Alliance Leaders also have the option to place “Bets”, in which the winning team will get a better reward from the Incubators they win. The bets start at 10,000 Coins (.5x extra DNA yield) then;
-20,000 Coins (1x extra DNA yield)
-40,000 Coins (1.5x extra DNA yield)
-200,000 Coins (2x extra DNA yield)
After you get your Premium Incubator, you will have to wait two weeks to get the next Premium Incubator.

Prizes list:
-Premium Incubator
-Epic Incubator
-Rare Incubator
-8 Hour Standard Incubator
-3 Hour Standard Incubator
-15 Minute Standard Incubator
The cycle of 15 minute Standard Incubators will repeat until the next biweekly Monday.

I hope you guys enjoy this concept, feel free to add suggestions and critiques to this!