Alliance Without Discord

Sadly i don’t have discord and can’t have discord. any proper alliance without discord, thx

Tier 7/8 Tourney…

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JWA Global

We have Discord but it’s not a requirement. It just helps organised raid strats.

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Join Malaysia!

  • We are top 15 in the world right now :smiley:

  • Maxed donations, maxed missions, maxed AC tiers, quite a few level 20 sanctuaries.

  • If you don’t have discord feel free to join using WhatsApp. However Discord or WhatsApp are mandatory for communicating purposes.

  • We also require an AVERAGE of 2k points plus per tournament. This is to secure high tournament rewards.

If you are not allowed to use WhatsApp or don’t meet the requirements, there are plenty of awesome alliances that don’t require social media websites to join! Good luck on finding one regardless if you choose us or someone else.

(BTW: you don’t have to be from Malaysia to join, its international.)

Thank you for considering


sadly im level 13
and minmi, you are in malaysia???
I’m currently on the alliance WildCats and waiting for a alternate alliance for extra help and Dna, and I’m a very active member! 10 kills are guaranteed

HELLO FROM INDONESIA!! (you speak melayu?)
Hai kawan!

Level and team does not matter to us. We welcome anyone who can just do our tournament requirements and has a way to contact us besides JWA.

To start an application I need to see your most recent tournament scores please.

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i don’t have WhatsApp neither discord… sorry @MINMI

It’s fine. Good luck finding a suitable alliance.

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i have a candidate already

Yes I saw. I suggest Global Extinction. They are strong group with small requirements. And when you do decide to get discord you can just hop onto their discord instead of moving to a new alliance that has one.


I found Global Extinction too! I’ll join, just accept the invite.

ah i have sent a request unfortunately

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Please accept my approval into your alliance

haven’t joined sorry

Jurassic Lark.

New Alliance. No Discord. No Drama.

Can i join

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Of course!

Can you please show me your tournament scores to prove you meet our requirements.

Example of what I want you to show me:

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We expect 1k+ average per tournament. I am sorry.

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Feel free to join Dino Maximus

If you haven’t joined an alliance yet, please feel free to join RaptorUSA. We are a smallish group that reaches tier 7 in weeklies, tier 6 or 7 in tournament. We have discord but it’s not required you join it.