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Alliance “you’ve been removed” glitch


There seems to be a new or new to me glitch in Alliances. It says “NAME has been removed”
I’m the creator/leader of TeamTexas and haven’t made anyone else leader or been removed or removed myself. Several Alliance members are reporting the same thing.

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Kicked from Alliances?
IT od frustrating

I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting this issue @RiverrattQ. There is some information in the Alliance chat that might not be displaying correctly at the moment, and our team is currently investigating. Once there is more information, we’ll try to let everyone know here on the forum or through our other social media channels.


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We had that also in our Alliance, we all had the same. Our name with: has left our Alliance. But we are all still in it.

edit: I’m in Jurassic Dutch


Yeah, same. I’m the leader and creator of the Chaos Kings alliance, and everyone, including me who was the first in our alliance to notice it to my knowledge, was reporting it.


Same here as well. Could be wrong, but I think it’s supposed to let you know when a new member joins and leaves, but it’s coded incorrectly and instead uses your username for everything, apparently.


I’m assuming 6.1 will have this fixed along with hopefully some added guild tools???


Just wanted to mention this bug is also present in my alliance “Deport the Dino’s”

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I had to kick 13 people this morning for 7 straight days of inactivity. Apparently I kicked myself 13 times lol.

All guild.members saw their name pop up as one of the peeps getting booted, it did cause some confusion.


I like the typo only because it might be 6.1 (kidding)


Yes, I got removed twice in a row (without rejoining which is weird) and then was rejoined somehow. Seems to be lots of glitches in Alliances. Like when it tells me to collect, but my request doesn’t show up. The Alliance aspect needs a lot of attention to make it work properly it seems.


Bug after bug. :weary:


I don’t know if anybody else is been having this problem, but it seems like a lot of people on my alliance, myself included, our randomly getting messages that we’re getting kicked. Or, that we have left the alliance. I have gotten this message on several occasions, and then when I add somebody else, it says that I’m back in the alliance. It doesn’t say the new person who’s been added in. Has anybody else been having this problem? Is this something that someone needs to know about?

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Also, after you get that message… You can’t write a message either. Though in reality you are still in the alliance. :roll_eyes:


Well maybe pic willa say morę than mejw2i never leave the team… And allegro that repeating … What can i do