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[Alliances] Alliance Missions | DNA Rewards (2021)

We need ankylosaurus!!!

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I really hope your joking…

I want kentro and ankylosaurus rewards


Why are we a week out on the reward switch over?

Very excited for this ones next week. Leveling up my Suchotator, unlocking Spino Gen 2, more Spino DNA to create Spinotahraptor and a good start on Procerathomimus!

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Not again i already have 80000 dimorphodon and 3000 proceratomimus dna

Please no more suchomimus

Of course you messed up the rewards. They don’t match up with what you say they should be. No Pachy or Acro

Or tento. That the only reason I noticed

@Ned could you please inform the team?

Hey Majin83, our team is aware of the discrepancies between the rewards that are displayed, and it should be corrected soon.


Nda plis daracrcocantosaurus

I nenes nda to blue de necesiting nda is 500ñ

Tuo and Docus are welcome!


Indeed i need irritator much now to fuse more of the pryrritator lol

@E.D any news for next week?

Am used to have the info on sunday to announce it to my alliance… for couple of months now the info comes later.

So hope something like EPIC DNA IS BUMPY AND CONPY GEN 1! woyld be niiccceeee

Oh meant compy

Hope next is pretty good

Did they deliberately forget Mono g2? All I know is that I desperately need Mono g2 for my scorpius g3 and that it should be in the sloth’s place :triumph:

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