Alliances getting political

Those who run their own alliance: are you able to kick members out at will? The alliance I’m in is getting whiny, with people grumbling about who donated to who etc. I’m not interested in that kind of political rubbish, so I’m thinking about leaving it and starting my own where I can kick people out if they start that kind of crap.

I am not the leader of my alliance, but I can tell you that it matters to me that people donate, it doesn’t matter if I give to someone and that someone does not give to me, as long as he is giving to others. We all live in different areas and we are working on some dinosaurs, maybe we are working on the same ones and we are not able to help each other, but we can help others who are working on dinosaurs that are not a priority for us.
Whining about “I have given to you but you have never given to me” as far as I’m concerned it does not make sense, as long as you give something to people and people give something to you.

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The people whinging about not getting much DNA from an alliance are probably those asking for the most needed (and least available) commons, or high value rares, so don’t get very much donated to them. If people were whinging in my alliance and it was getting annoying I would simply ask them to stop or stop giving to them. Giving is voluntary and cannot be imposed. My philosophy is to ‘Pay it Forward’ and encourage your members to do likewise, no demands, just fun. Also it’s not just about the DNA, you can make quite a lot of gold coin. So how/why/if someone donates it’s really up to them.

However if you’re not satisfied with the alliance you’re in, go create one and you can run it anyway you wish, but my advice is not to be overbearing or demanding. It’s not a business, it’s a game.


On my alliance we warned players. We have 3 basic rules so everyone has access to DNA (max of two cards of same Dinos, not complaining too much about not receiving DNA as we understand this is collaborative).

And it’s working fine with people almost filling every petition.

Moreover some of us ask for Dinos that we don’t need so same Dinos are not always asked for.

I’ve found some people to be quite self-serving, I’ve had people ask to join my alliance if they can only have just ‘rare Dracorex’. It’s a very selfish attitude and I won’t admit them so that they can just fill their boots (and farm our alliance), an alliance should be as much about giving and sharing and team-work, rather than grovelling and grabbing for oneself.

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I have been in two alliances now and have asked what people have available first, they tell me and I ask what they want to start the trade and when I donate all my good rare draco or megalo and ask for amargosaurus which they said they have and they don’t donate back? Kinda hits hard

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Yes it’s very hard to co-ordinate trades within random public alliances, but to all intents and purposes JWA’s trading system not set up to trade in that way.

I love my alliance and all that are in it! Everyone gives till it hurts :wink::wink::wink:


I donate when I can and max out my donations when I have plenty. When I can’t donate directly, I request a rare that no one wants, allowing other members to gain some extra coin.


I like the one I’m in too, don’t get me wrong. For the most part everyone gives what they can. It’s more just one or two people getting snarky in the chat about how little of certain dinosaurs they receive, or saying things like “only giving to people who gave to me” etc. I don’t care if they do or don’t, just don’t get catty about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I look at alliances like a group of friends helping each other out! Even my Best friend in the world can’t help me with everything! Most people do what they can! Even if there are those that take and don’t give are cool with me! It is what it is!

Alliances are more than just sharing DNA! It’s about hanging out and chatting about the game, giving each other pointers and chatting about anything and everything!

If you joined an alliance simply to get DNA than you are missing the point of alliances!


I think that members need to realise that everyone is after the newer dinosaurs or ingredients for the new hybrids. Such things won’t get shared out unless someone has a surplus. Best to ask first before wasting time on a request that will go unfulfilled.

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i think that if anyone in our alliance said things like im not sharing unless you share or im sharing with those who share with me… that would not go down well because we dont have anyone like that. unless its extremely rare, almost all requests get filled and quickly.

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I think Ludia probably should have made it so that you can’t find out who gave to you - I think it brings out a childish side in people because at the end of the day, it’s a donation system, not a trading system. That being said we thankfully have no issues of people complaining in the alliance I’m in.

As leader you have the rights to kick any member, along with make someone else the leader.

What we really need as leaders are the rights to the donate and request stats from each member, so we can determine who is donating and who isn’t.

Keeping track of 49 other people’s donating/request stats is not really possible with the current system.

We don’t have any tools to even see who’s active or inactive in the game. With people dropping arenas (like myself) it’s hard to track.

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I love the social aspect of it and for the most part it seems to work well. As is so often the case though, it only takes one or two people to drag the mood down. If I started my own, that would be the only thing I’d regulate, is people using the chat just to call other people out and complain when things aren’t going their way.

As long as they stay bipartisan I am ok! I am running for Vice President of my alliance!

@Pateradactyl yup u r definitely right! I guess the fastest I had was less than 2 mins and it filled fast! Nothing to complaint at all on the generosity and wackiness of my Alliance. We try to help each other to level up our desire dinosaurs. Sharing sentiments when we win or lose. Complimenting on one’s truimph and tapping each other’s back that if things when wrong in the battle or so… SD!!! :clap::ok_hand::beers: