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Still understand some players everyone has a life next to jwalive mine is surviving cancer i can post pics but it can be shocking for some jwalive keeps me going. Now I quit my third alli cause I didn’t give enough dna well by the two first i gve dna that I needed after a while i get comments i give not enough even if am low in my dna. Today i get the comment u dont log in very much.LOVELY PEOPLE I HAVE BRAINCANCER AND INFACT MY CONCENTRATION I PLAY ALL BATTLES EVERY DAY DONATE EVERY DAY BUT ONLY WHAT I CAN MISS AND PLEASE EXPLAIN BEFORE U WORK ME OUT OF THE GROUP I WANT JUST HAVE FUN AND PLAY CROSS WITH MY WHEELCHAIR ACROSS THE STREETS ITS SAD THAT MY PREVIOUS ALLIANCE DONT HAVE THE GUTS TO EXPLAIN AND DROP ME VERY SAD ITS STILL A GAME PEOPLE!!! And guide some who needed

Did you tell your alliance that you had brain cancer and were in a wheelchair?

This sounds harsh if they knew, I hope you find a new alliance soon which is a bit more understanding of your situation.

Good luck


We have a very small alliance of family and a couple friends. We are not hardcore players that want to dedicate all our free time to playing JWA (although some of us do spend more time than others). We are not looking to be a top alliance. Although there are tasks that it would be nice if they were completed, there is no pressure on anybody that they “have to” complete a certain amount of tasks or donate. We’ll never be a 5/5 Alliance (probably will never make 3/3) which really doesn’t bother me. Nobody should ever have to give up free time doing something else or spend real money just to keep up with an alliance’s expectations. Games are meant to be fun, not a job. I just want people to have fun without pressure (we get enough of that in our lives already).


Thats what i like the weekly incubater quest and the daily but no pressure i play every day and regret the weekly incubator sometimes 3 in a row and rhan kicking out no if everyone play for fun is the most importantly

Im looking for an alliance …i quit with the. U know if there is something isseu say it instead of ignoring and ignoring until i quit thats weak

High5team#6042 looking forward to alliance play for fun play the weekly incubator and no presure it stills a game not a life! Enjoy i play every day to get my goals and group weekly based goals