Alliance's kapro playing. Cutest thing ever

It’s like a giant cat.


Look at this
Sooooo cute


I didn’t get to play with my Brachio yet, does he kick it around? I saw my Rex trash a tire though.

Yeah, Brachy kicks a tyre, unlike this guy


Lol, might as well be food for Seco.

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Utah with a tire is actually pretty cute lol


Got any vid of it? It’s so fun watching them play with stuff.

I can’t put my baby in :sob:

Well, at least he’ll get DNA if you put in Gorgo and Kapro. But they could have allowed hybrids too, and given out DNA randomly for Gorgo and Kapro in exchange for caring for Gorgosuchus for example.

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I love the animations in the sanctuaries. I was laughing through so many of them. :rofl: The effort that the animation team did to do these is much appreciated. :+1::heart:

Not my Utahraptor, but couldn’t resist taking a screenshot.

Feeding time (this one is mine):


I’d like to see Utah video of playing, it seems cute in that pose.

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When I get some toys, I’m going to try and record it for you. Hopefully the video will work on here. :blush:

I made a video of her playing and converted it into a gif. I apologize if the quality is not fantastic.


Aww! She sure showed that tire who’s boss! Also, she reminds me a bit of Agumon from Digimon. Especially in that glitchy frozen animation when tapping Utahs.

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