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Alliances make things a bit easy

Is anybody aware that when you join an alliance you get an epic and a hybrid? Every end of week from an incubator that you level up to get more of those 3 specific dinosaurs DNA. I’m not complaining but maybe its a bit too easy to add them where it is very easy to get.

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And so, Ludia changes all alliance rewards to only give commons.

Would much rather not have Commons, and Rares as daily mission rewards. It would kill the incentive to even do the missions. Also, commons and rares are easy to find, so they do not need to be in alliance mission rewards


Are you speaking about alliance rewards? I am having an issue inferring the meaning of your post. I am not a grammar policer, but I think the first “?” was not meant to be there right? I do not understand what you mean by “its a bit too easy to add them where its is very easy to get.”

I just joined my alliance on another account, I was not given anything for joining. Can you maybe clarify what you are saying here?