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Alliances mini tournament


Suggestion for Ludia:

A mini-tournament inside the alliances where the members can battle each other.
To balance things out, all dinosaurs will have level 26 like the friendly battles.
Rewards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Please, think about it. :+1:


It sounds so cool

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Good idea to get the players more close eachother in alliance… A
lso to bring more players into game for more time. I vouch for this idea. \o

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The idea is good but I don’t see how it would work. It would just be like the friendly battles but as a tournament. Alliances could decide between themselves who will win and just play to win/lose, then next tournament another person will win etc. Just think it can be abused.


Or maybe something like this but to battle against other alliances.
That could work too.


You know what is sad? When people are so willing to exploit things that’s the first thing we think about when a new suggestion is brought up.


But I do like the idea of having more tournament options like OP suggested.


ApexPredators developed an Alliance tournament system that allows groups of 8 to pick unique teams (as in once a creature has been picked no one else can pick it), the group then battles over 3 rounds. This can be expanded if an Alliance can put together more than one group of 8. Sand Dunes has taken this further and has a website under development which automates this and expands the idea with points allocation and a leaderboard. Hoping to have a robust beta in the near future - happy to involve a handful of other alliances in the beta roll out.