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When no longer in an alliance, why do I still get notifications that people are requesting DNA? Everytime I get on, I get notification after notification that someone is requesting DNA. I was in a few alliances before but now I am no longer in one. Is there a way to rid of the notification(s)?


It’s a known bug that they are trying to fix.


Awesome, thanks!


Well it’s a bug. Try to clean cache memory of app it might fix the problem. If you’re looking for an alliance then you’re welcome to our alliance " lords of Jurassic world". Msg me if you’re interested :slight_smile:


I’ve asked a very similar question regarding myself getting notifications of DNA requests from those who have left.

The canned response:

“We’re aware of, and working on it.”

Yeah. No, they aren’t working on it. They’d have fixed it by now, like they did when you could collect unlimited coins from supply drops. THAT was fixed fast, within 48hrs… THIS has been going on for months.

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Thank you, I’ll look it up :blush:

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