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Alliances recruitment page. Come find the alliance for you!

Are you struggling to find the right alliance for you? What kind of player are you? Casual? Active? Hardcore? Do you feel like you do all the hard work for very little rewards? Do you need recruits but don’t know where to find them? Do you have special requirements for new recruits? Well we have the answer.
Come over and join us on the Jurassic World Alive Alliances page. There are some great alliances with spaces open and leaders can recruit from there. Just search us up…


Lots of great alliances looking for members.

I’m an active-hardcore player looking for an alliance. I do up to level 3 incubator in challenges by myself most of the time. Need help!

@James_Boukie hey today’s your day. I am in need of players like you! Send me a DM if you’re interested. We can speak further. :smiley:

Here’s my post. A little has changed since. We can discuss. Looking forward to hearing from you.