Alliances seem easily abusable

I don’t know if anybody has noticed but the top players have all joined the same alliance (Apex Predators).

Considering you can get up to 13,000 coins per day for donating DNA, all that has to be done is request useless DNA and trade it back and forth until you reach that cap.

Cool exploit I guess…


I’ve said from the beginning that trading is a bad idea. They probably won’t need to, but you could create a dummy account and request useless DNA and gain coins that way too. Well, only the strong survive and the rest of us feed upon the scraps they so graciously throw on the ground.


The DNA is nice but the fact that you can make another 13,000 coins per day is what I find is the real issue.

I welcome any opportunity to gather more coins that do not involve buying them online.

Coins are my number one problem with this game and earning 13k more a day will totally help a lot of people.

Im all in and happy.


Why are people complaining about not having to waste your money on a game as much as you used to to be able advance quickly?


I’m not, it’s a nice feature, but will probably be abused.

All the top players are in their own alliance. These are players with uniques at max level, and all that unique’s components at max level. They have unlimited disposable DNA. So they can literally just request back and forth and hit their coin caps without worrying about what’s being requested.

It’s helpful for lower end players, but for higher end it’s just going to be a coin farm.

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Up to 13k a day. So where do the coins come from?

Each time you donate DNA you receive a small amount of coins. This is capped at 13k per day.

From the game and not the person? I, for some reason, thought it was from the person.

Oh no! Someone might have access to more coins without breaking their bank! /s This is a really good thing considering how crippled a lot of people are due to coins. Let them balance the game a little more.

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Nope, from the game. There’s a set amount that you can donate and it tells you how many coins you will receive for that donation.

All I’m saying is that the all-pro alliance up at the top of the leaderboard will be able to do this indefinitely. It’s good for all players but essentially means those players will have a coin farm and the power will never shift. Just pray alliance vs alliance never becomes a thing.

If I understand correctly, there’s a cooldown period after each DNA request. After your first request, you need to wait for 3 hours before you can put in a new request. After your second request, you need to wait for 10 hours…

I think everyone can move enough DNA to get max coins. Once we are used to it.


You don’t need to be a top player. Anyone with any junk DNA can just pass it back and forth. I do not understand the issue. Isn’t this a gift to anyone smart enough to do it?


yeah, if all members request for dinos with abundant DNA, it would be easy to max out everyone pretty quick. But absolutely everyone can do it, so it’s not really a benefit for any one group…

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seems like looking a gift horse in the mouth at this point.

The point is being missed here. This is a coin farm for the top players in that Apex Predators alliance. It is helpful for all players to get DNA for dinosaurs they don’t have but in an alliance where every player has thousands of each creature’s DNA it is literally just a coin farm. The strongest players will stay the strongest because they will have enough funds to max out whatever becomes meta next because they WILL be making 13,000 extra coins every single day.

But nobody seems to grasp that so I’ll let you guys have your own conversation about maxing DNA, which isn’t even the point of this.

You do realize then when someone donates, the coins they receive come out of YOUR account, right? So they would literally be passing coins back and forth

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What’s stopping any other players from doing the same, lol?

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