Alliances seem easily abusable

I did not notice this. I will have to test.

ALSO - be aware that the amount you can donate is CAPPED so you can’t make an alt, and just send yourself 15k coins…

Basically - someone got the wrong impression who made this thread and the whole takeaway is incorrect.


Everyone else can do it too. Not to mention, coins aren’t a concern to the top players anyway. They already have 1,000,000, 500,000+ etc. This literally just helps poor people along faster. Concern yourself with what you’re doing, this isn’t going to hurt the game.


Coins are very much a concern for top players. When it costs 250k to level a dino from 29 to 30, we’re dying for coins just like everybody else.

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Seems there is confusion to how the coins are given, specifically if the coins are coming from Ludia or from the one of the players involved in the DNA swap.

I haven’t joined one yet so i don’t know for sure but judging from @piere87 comment, it is an exchange of DNA for coins which come from the player receiving the DNA and NOT Ludia.

As for the concerns @Bryce_Hoffman is bringing up…Yes, Alliances will be abused because now there is an faction made up of the best of the best. Guess its the Apex Predators vs The rest of us. Give it some time and watch as the gods fall from their mountain.

This does not seem to be the case, from some tests.

It looks like it isn’t withdrawn from your account until you are able to collect


Cool, I’ll know for sure in an hour or so when I collect, thanks!

Uhh, no…I’m not worried about alts, I’m saying that this is a coin farm for the top players who can constantly just request and trade DNA that they don’t need to reach a cap SINCE THEY ARE ALL IN THE SAME ALLIANCE. But ok, continue to not see the point and be condescending. You don’t care because you’re up there anyway.



So the coins are spent by the player requesting when they collect after 3 hours. Then distributed.

So you can’t exploit it. The player not the system pays.

They are literally just trading coins back and forth. You have to pay for the DNA you receive. No one is getting anything special.There is no special coin farm that pull coins out of thin air for their use.


Wait if that’s right then there’s nothing I’m worried about here…I can’t check because I already collected but are you seeing a coin cost to receive the DNA you requested?

I won’t for a couple of hours, but the Metahub guys just wrote a whole article on it and they seem to know their stuff.

Actually their articles are often wrong. Brian writes the good stuff though!

As far as I’ve been able to test no coins are withdrawn when you place the request or collect the DNA. Still not a “cash farm for high level players” though because ANYONE CAN DO IT

If there’s a coin cost to collect DNA I retract my statement. I’m saying it’s a coin farm because high level players don’t need DNA, they just need coins from donating. Everyone can do it to a similar degree but in my alliance everybody is requesting Irritator DNA, which few people have in abundance, so it is unlikely anyone will reach the coin cap.

High levels also need Irritator DNA. Talk to your alliance, setup a way to max everyone out on coins shifting the cruddy same dna around between each other. If it doesn’t take away coins, then it’s an easy way for every one to get an extra bunch of coins each day.

So I give you 1000 coins today. Then you give me 1000 coins tomorrow. How is that gaming the system? I still lose 1000 coins and then gain 1000 coins…

The cost (coins) of requesting dna comes out of your coin balance. I’m not seeing the point. Maybe I’m just stupid. I apologize for the condescending tone. Maybe I’m missing something here – some way they’re gaming it. But I don’t see it. Can you explain?


There’s a coin cost in that you’re trading 1 coin for every 1 common dna and 3 coins for every 1 rare dna with a daily cap, a max for each player (so no one player can just give you a ton of DNA to get your coins).

It’s not clear up front that that’s how it works, but that’s how it works.

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I did not notice there was a cost associated with requesting DNA, if that is in fact the case then I retract my initial statement in this post.