Alliances Suggestion: Show Active players

Once again I would like to congratulate @Ludia on another fantastic update, kudos for the introduction of Alliances!

I would like to suggest that alliance leaders have a way of seeing how active alliance members are, this is vital for the life and longevity of any clan. Can you add something like ‘last logged on’ to the members list then leaders can tell who is an active or lapsed member. This will help leaders know who the inactive players are and potentially remove them to allow/invite new people wanting to join the alliance.

Some more admin tools certainly wouldn’t go a miss, such as moderation for comments in chat.

We will also we need mods/officers to help the leaders moderate/administer up to 50 alliance members.


I second activity levels. Would be nice to see who’s active who’s just taking up a spot. Alliances work best with all
Active members.

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If you screen shot the member list you get those green dots. Not sure what the crossed out dot means.

By comparing screenshots you’d see trophies going up and down for active players.

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Good tip! Thanks @David_Courtney

But even so it would be better if something more meaningful was integrated in to alliances.

Just to add, some sort of a Facebook type status update would be nice. It’s always embarrassing for me to be out grinding or distracted with other things and get challenged to a friendly match. I don’t want to accept in case I miss out on a rare, epic or a desperately needed common. It also seems a bit rude to decline a friendly match, especially with a friend in the alliance. It would be great if I could send out a status in advance that I’m basically not open for a match right now.