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ALLIANCES want you!

Hello all, we have some empty slots in our Alliance called “ALLIANCES”.

We reach 5-4 in team challenge every week, have 10 ranked players and several top 100 tournament finishes and top 30 in alliance challenge.

We are from all over the world and we have a discord channel.

No level is required : just be active, request and donate dna daily, want to improve and have fun.

Message here if you’re interessed.

I’m an active player and I’m looking for an active alliance. I play everyday and usually get the full coin/dollars and scents. I’m Tichimo. #2103

I would love an invitation.

Thanks, Helen.

You’re welcome. Invitation sent.

Hello I’m rezroz #8890 I am very active and would love to join

Sorry, all the empty slots have been taken. We are not seeking more.

One slot available now. Message me.

Hello all, we are looking for new members, message me if you wanna join.


Hello Athos! If you still are looking for active members i’d love to join up. If it’s of any relevance i’m in MT. SIBO with 515 trophies and that amount keeps growing day by day.

Tag: Yager#4918

You are welcome to join us. Invitation sent.

Do you have 2 spots open?

We have the two last spot for you if you want. I message you.

Hello all, we are two free slots, message me if you wanna join.

Hi! I would love to join! I play everyday and I currently have 3032 trophies. I’m Aitana #1172
I hope I can join you! Thank you.

Hello all, new slots available in our alliance, message me if u wanna join.

Our alliance is simply called “Alliances” with players from all around the world, we have a discord, 10 top 500 players, a method for sanctuary, 9/9 very close to 10/9 in alliance missions despite inactives some inactive players. No level requirements, play daily, share and have fun. We want replace our inactives players. Message me if you wanna join.