Alliannce memberlist

The alliance memberlist is screwd up.i am 15but according to my points i should be 13. Logging out and in does not help

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It’s actually right as if you look you are ranked on your current score … not your highest score so you are in the right position

But why isn’t current score also the ranked score? It’s higher!

It will be it’s just separate during the season

same issue again now. empty sanctuary but cant place a creature in it coz jw says i have 4 in there . i sent you screen of it. maybty now you understand my problem

i contacted you on my phone abouth my sanctuary issue several times.

now again i have same problem, my dinoos are one withouth giving reward

and i cant place new coz game sats i have 4 in alleasy which i dont

i have nothing in there

on phone i cant sent screen somehow so i sent here.

relogging wony help either

It isn’t screwd up.