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AlliedINC has a spot for you!

Hello everyone! AlliedINC has space for new recruits! We are not a top Alliance, but we are a friendly helpful Alliance! Wanting hard working active members, who enjoy playing, climbing our way to the top!

What We Are and Do!
+We are English Speaking, and International!
+10 in Exploration, 10 Defense.
+8 In Tournaments, 9 on 5 weeks.
+3 lvl 20 Sanctuarys.
+We will help you with Apex Raids, as long as your Dino meets the requirement!
+Library of ALL current Dino strats that are 100% working!

What we want from you?
°Daily active player.
°3000+ Trophies
°DISCORD, ITS A MUST! For Raids, Communications, Help Build your Team, Cash Links, JWA News, Data mines, and much more!
°Help out with weekly missions, such as Darting, Direct hits, Battles! No free DNA here!
°10 Take downs on weekends!
°DO NOT place in lvl 20 Sanctuarys! For any reason!

If you end up deciding to go with us, please read our alliance rules once accepted in the Discord!
Questions? You in? Message me on here or on Discord! IcyAtmosphere#1247
Have a great day!

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Hello everyone, we have 3 spots still if you’re looking to join! :smiley:

I have 4618 trophies and am very active player
I also have a alt with 3900 trophies
I do pretty well in tourney and have raid viable dinos

Can I join?