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AlliedINC has room for new Members!

Hello everyone! AlliedINC has space for new recruits! We are not a top Alliance, but we are a friendly helpful Alliance! Wanting hard working active members, who enjoy playing, climbing our way to the top!

What We Are and Do!
+We are English Speaking, and International!
+10 in Exploration, 9 Defense.
+8 In Tournaments
+3 lvl 20 Sanctuarys.
+We help you with Apex Raids, as long as your Dino meets the requirement!

What we want from you?
°3000+ Trophies
°DISCORD, ITS A MUST! For easier communication, especially for raids and strategy! Also so you know what’s going on in the alliance and game! Be apart of! Not a Stranger!
°Help out with weekly missions, such as Darting, Direct hits, Battles! No free DNA here!
°10 Take downs on weekends!
°DO NOT place in lvl20 Sanctuarys! For any reason!
°Chat! Nothing’s more annoying than a person who is just in the alliance and has never spoken, we want to know you!

If you end up deciding to go with us, please read our alliance rules once accepted in the Discord!

Questions? You in? Message me on here or on Discord! IcyAtmosphere#1247
Have a great day!


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Looking for a new alliance is mine unfortunately seems to be dissolving im level 20 4900 trophies. I complete 10 takedowns every week and have completed 200 straight days of the daily quests, I contribute anything I can and as you can see play daily I have been on the game for a year and a half although I took a year off but came back for months ago I’m looking to keep progressing Let me know if there’s a place for me

name in game is Ted2
discord handle is napierted

Hello! What’s the numbers after your Discord name? :slight_smile:

napierted 1573

Spots are filled. :slight_smile:

We have 4 spots opened!!

We still have 2 spots opened. :slight_smile:

We have 2 spots opened once more.

Would like to join if a spot is open. A bit short on trophies, but growing quickly

Good morning everyone! We have one Spot in Allied INC!

We still have one spot! Looking for a strong player with atleast 3000+ trophies!

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Spot still avaliable!

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Icy… funny seeing you here. Lol


Highly recommend this alliance. Wouldn’t pass up if you can join!

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HAY FAM!! Just trying hard to fill that last spot! :stuck_out_tongue:

We have 2 spots. <3

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We have 3 spots today! First post for more info!

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Crowd is tough. We have two spots for two new members. <3

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Tell y’all, this is one of the best alliances, Can talk form experience!!