Allinosaurus or utahsiniraptor?


hey everyone when i finally get a level 15 sinoceratops which would be better to use in the long run and not just use it to full the dinodex sorta thing? have loads of utahraptor DNA and allinosaurus DNA but the other is a bit scarce… they both look wicked, any help appreciated :+1:


Go for Utahsinaraptor! That thing is a beast. I wish I could have one though, even if I completed this event I still wouldnt be able to fuse it because my sinoceratops is still at lvl 12 :expressionless:


well I’ve just done the event and when I evolve it it’ll still be lv14 lol, still loads to catch but cheers for you’re help, not gonna have both for a while haha :blush:


Utah easy. Probably in the top 5 in the whole game. I got mine a few days ago and he’s the most fun Dino in the game to use imo.


I got my Utah and now trying to get Allo…


I did allosino for delete meta tank and because is more cool, and everybody use uthasino. I hate use same things than everybody


There both good choices but all depends on the status of your team and what needs to be changed to progress your team to
Higher ranks. It was a tough decision for me but I choose to stick with Alli and get my Rex out of my squad to have a more versatile armor penetrator. He delivers high dmg and can deliver late stun just like Utahsin. Utahsin is a highly versatile Dino as well, but it’s health I find to sometimes be at a disadvantage early game against speed when it’s prinary moves are not active yet.


tough choice then just gonna have to look on which looks cooler, I like my utah and will probably just replace it like for like until I can find a nest to get both lol


I was wondering between the two myself a while back, but after the last legendary incubator deal I bought x2 of them (mostly saving up the tapjoy rewards and a little of my own £’s) I got the Allinosinosaurus twice and levelled it to 17.

In all honesty, I haven’t been that impressed with her. She’s too slow, lots of better dinos get the jump on her and she’s down before getting the chance to Instant Stun most of the time. The armour benefit is negligible and despite what it says about having a 20% crit chance, I haven’t been getting it (although may just be unlucky). However, against anything slower than her (not much)… she is a beast! With the good base damage the x2 armour piercing attack chomps through most dinos. There’s been a few times I’ve taken out the slower dino first only to have my opponent switch to a raptor but then using Instant Charge to take a chunk out of it before pouncing on poor little allo.

Unfortunately this is a rare event, most of the time her poor speed lets her down. I’m aiming to eventually replace her with the utahsinoraptor once I get sinotops to 15. Was hoping for them to release a guaranteed incubator with it in to bump up the levels but still waiting! They done it with pyroraptor and nodopatasaurus so thought it would be the same this week…

Sorry for the long message, but hope it helps you decide.


any help/info greatly appreciated, tidy thanks, :+1:


I have both in my team. The chances of you getting both in one round are rare. My Allo packs more power and hp… so I prefer him to uthahsinoraptor. However there both good.


Does Utahsinoraptor still hold it’s place in the new tank meta?
To me it appears like another cute raptor bound to get crushed by the speed reducing moves.


Decent against non-tanks, but I tend to use my utasinoraptor as my last resort on my team.


Thanks! I was originally aiming to get Utahsinoraptor for the 100 dinos Achievement and also was thinking of adding her to my team.

But now after reaching Arena 8 and getting kicked immediately to Arena 7, I have changed my plan and focusing on leveling up my battle dinos. Didn’t want to waste coins on something that I wouldn’t keep on my team.


Very true, I’m trying to only level up dinos that I want on my team. Got to save as much coins as possible. I was a bit hesitant at first leveling the utasinoraptor, but I eventually gave in. I committed so I got to go for the utarinex now. Otherwise had I known, I might’ve gone for the Allosinosaurus to help balance out the team a bit.


Just to add… Allo has the fourth highest attack in the game :slight_smile:


With raptors getting wrecked by everything ill be going for mr allo…you have a better chance with his crit chance and armor piercing dmg to actually at least get a tank low


there is nothing special about allosinosaurus. not even sure why it’s a legendary to be honest. the only thing cool about it is instant change but it’s so slow that all it lets you do is going first and the next attack will be your opponents.

utasinoraptor is much better. got a lot more health after the update, has armor, it’s instant charge will give you 2 hits in a row most of the time. just be smart with it and don’t use it against tanks.