Allo Gen 2 to JWTG

The current model of Allosaurus looks inaccurate and not great in the game. So I was thinking, how about a Gen 2 version? The design can be the one from JWFK or Battle at Big Rock. I saw that some people mentioned about a better Allo model, so I think that’s a good idea the developers can consider. Her hybrid can be Alloraptor (@Lucky14 also really wants her). By the way if you didn’t know, Allosaurus is my favorite dinosaur.


If deinonychus wouldn’t had been used for scorpios i would have said alloraptor would have been possible but now with all in game raptors being fuseable we probably get allosinosaurus instead


How about Dakotaraptor? She can be a port from JWA.


Depends on who will be imported first. If allosaurus gen 2 will be imported first then chances are big they’ll go for allosinosaurus. Also depends on if Dakotaraptor will be nirnal or vip

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mine too and design in jwtg very dissapointed me - after all that “allo” isnt allosaurus is a baby t.rex + i really wish alloraptor in jwtg

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You just described every single creature in this game


I still would like to know what you guys mean by “correct Allosaurus model”. Do you mean a scientifically accurate Allosaurus? Or the canon JW Allosaurus design?
And if its the canon, we have 2: Generic Allosaurus and Battle at Big Rock Allosaurus (or Allosaurus Gen 2)

Generic Allosaurus (first seen as a juvenile in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and as an adult in Jurassic World Evolution).

BABR Allosaurus (first seen in Battle at Big Rock and then ported to Jurassic World Alive as Allosaurus Gen 2)


I honestly see Allo Gen 2 more as a Saurophaganax than an Allosaurus.


saurophaganax is allosaur too, no problem if correct model

Saurophaganax is still its own genus, so no, it’s not a synonym to Allosaurus, though they’re related.

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Also they need to add Thor. I’m not talking about the Marvel character.

Especially talking about leedsichtys