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Allo gen2

Why it is different? It isnt like the other allosaurus? I mean its body is different not only the color.

Moves are better than the common version.


Its colour is down to it being the scheme/pattern used in the up coming Battle at Big Rock short film.


Its description deliberately says “mature Allosaurus” and the original Allo looks a lot like the “juvenile Allosaurus” depicted in Fallen Kingdom. My guess? This is what they’re saying the adult one would look like, the original isn’t technically full-grown.

Would explain the more pronounced brow crests and spikes.


The new one look awesome really well done the original allo looks kinda weird to me


I love this dino everything about it makes me wanna fuse it already for that Unique I know is coming eventually ! Even so I’d level this to 30 and jack the boosts on it up ! Loving that .5 damage ouch

It should be better then common as it’s an epic?
Just my guess …


would it need attack boost? or just speed and health is ok to smash anything? that 0.5x seems interesting. 2 moves almost finish many dinos. 3 moves is almost guaranteed to do the job.

is rending affected by distraction? :thinking:

if it gets some super-hybrid, can be the next thor.


I’d still boost attack for the 1.5 damage as the delay is set to 1 :+1:

Possibly better then Thor as hybrid?


depending on the other elements… if the hybrid has also that 0.5x would be a monster.


I thought rending takedown should be 75% of opponent’s max HP

It looks amazing. I always felt the other version doesn’t do it justice.

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Same here, now this is an allo here. I really like this dino a lot. And I’m glad they added it in.

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Need i say more than …RRROOOOAAARRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:joy: :joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exactly what I was going to write

Rending could also be worse in some occasions, worth to say. Let’s say allo G2 has a base damage at ~1500 (just throwing a number out there), against a let’s say raptor at 2k health. Having dsr or apr would deal 3k damage, whilst the rending takedown only deals 1k damage. Then again sure, against a boosted stegod with 9k hp you’d wanna deal 4.5k damage in one go instead of 3k.

Love the design of the fella tho!

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I found 1 wild on friday and 4 today. All at night. Have a lvl 15+ now!