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Allo now stronger than thor? Ignore stats they are wrong - glitch. Have been made aware

Can it be that thor is now broken and allo is stronger???

You’re comparing lvl 30 to 26

But yes, Allosino’s better than Thor. Since 1.9 update, not 2.0. Now the gap became even bigger

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Lol, at first I was utterly bemused. Whoa, a level 26 Allo with 2k Attack?!?!

Don’t you mean 2187 attack?

I’m lazy, lol

Reviving this 'cause I would like more opinions on it. Is really allo better than thor now? Which one will you level now that sino is dino of the month?

In PVP Allosino in stronger. Its stats aside crit chance are better than Thor: more health, more damage, faster, 15%armor. The fact that Thor is really great in raids makes the choice really hard.
Going by logic the unique tier is the one that should be more solid in terms of future buffs/nerfs…
It depends on what you need and which kind of resources you have available

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