Allocating velociraptor DNA

Okay so Im around 4700 trophies and wondering what is the best use for Velociraptor DNA right now. I have Indoraptor at 25 and Indominus at 21.
Getting Indoraptor to 26 is going to take SO much velociraptor DNA that I cant help but wonder if it would be better used bringing my Indominus to level 23 or 24 where its attack is over 1000 and its HP is over 3600.

Ive noticed I have yet to encounter an I-Rex over level 20 so maybe others have decided against leveling her up. The only reason I brought her to level 21 was so I’d always have the first move when going head to head.

Not following the herd can work … you have decent Indoraptor … perhaps a high level I-Rex could make a difference … this game needs more thinking outside the box


Had the same thoughts as you, but need to level my Indoraptor a little more (currently level 23.5). Recently, I have encountered some level 22-23 I-Rex in upper Ruins, so I guess others are on a similar train of thought.

I’ve seen a few at level 21/22 but all they really have is the speed advantage over other irex.

AND Stegodeus. Both have a speed stat of 107, higher Level wins.

I too leveled my Irex to 21 to gain the 1st attack, soon theyll all be 21 then Ill level to 22. The issue, as most of you know, is Irex has 0 utility so its value diminishes over time. I will probably replace it soon, there are too many good counters and it only does 1 thing well

Unfortunately I rarely ever face any of those lower than level 25 these days

i tend to update them in tandem - after i level up the indo, i then focus on the irex - rinse, repeat.

i’ve had a bit of a renaissance with the irex as of late - as he gets bigger he hits harder, obviously, but he’s also able to to take bigger hits as well, which does him good against high level stegos, without needing to rely on the coin flip cloak.

ultimately, he’s a sacrificial lamb out there, but if he can end one dino and potentially weaken another before he takes a tumble, i consider that a good trade off.

Well, at level 30 it’ll be a speed standoff. Quite thrilling ^^

I know but I’ve never come across a level 27 irex :joy:

I’ve seen a few at 24/25, and still handle them no problem. Anything with a shield can thwart them, and nullify can make them next to useless - plus cloak is just a gamble anyway. Do what you want, but even at higher levels they’re still not that great. In my opinion.

I’ve decided to compromise…kind of. I had the extra game cash so I bought 15 raptor lures. I average about 325-350 per raptor dart session so I figure I’ll be able to level my Indoraptor to 26 and then work towards leveling my Indominus with any remaining DNA. Definitely dont have the patience to work towards bringing Indoraptor to level 27 though so I’ll let her chill there for a while.

That moment when a Level 30 Indominus is defeated by a Level 16 Alankylosaurus ^^