Allodrigues is Insane

I’m not saying that it needs a nerf, it doesn’t cause I love this thing now. But I did some testing and it turns out that this thing can beat every Apex in the game except Ankylo Lux. Here’s the proof:

So yeah, this makes me want it even more now, it’s so good.


Ok did not expected him to be able to defeat the bear and Imperator . But yeah he is very good


I expected this


The ones that he can struggle with the most, and why are here:

  • Imperato because of its counter and DOT attacks. Sure it has DOT resistance, but it’s sheer attack power and bulk gives Allodrigues a challenge.

  • Refrenantem because of one thing, Super Distraction. It hits all opponents, so it’s a group attack, dealing massive damage. If it doesn’t go for Protective Alert, it loses. But the Vulner from that, paired with cunning rampage, is just enough to kill it.

  • Gorgotrebax due to mainly the dodging part of its moves. It mainly depends on the RNG. But Protective Alert will mainly help with healing. But the speed part will give Drigues some trouble.

  • Haast Maximus is a surprise, seeing as it’s trash currently. But if it goes for FF first, it can give the dodo some trouble, the only way it can win is if it goes for PA, healing it and saving it from Ravenous Rampage.

So mostly it suffers from the cunning’s with the exception of Imperato.


Is that base 26 though, might be different with boostes for example refs i face have 2500 dmg or more.
Imperatosuchus is another which seems decent at lv26 but completely becomes tyrant when maxed.

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It’s base 26. Boosts might change things, but a base with no boosts, it can do some major damage to Apex’s.


Whats the app called that you used for testing allodrigues

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JWA Toolbox


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