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Hi all,

I want to ask, if someone call Allonogmius “Allosaurus” like me? If you reject his fins, you get the right allo model thats why. I also decidet to get this one of my fav. hybrid, to level 30 preferably, I wanted max level, but… ups… level 30 could made intense events for me as its stronger than mine “Black” on level 10… I started hatching tournament creatures so i now will get enought time to grind 45k for allonogmius during that long 7 days… I unlocked “Allo” when it comes to the game, and tommorow (Friday), my VIP instant hatchery will be avaible, I am looking forward to my level 20 “Allo” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also figured out that level 30 should be beetwen Armormata and Metriaphodon. But i just must ask: How much allo level 40 can hurts my lineup? Ferocity level 40 is cca 2000± more than my “Black.”

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I am not an expert

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I’d keep 2 at level 30 for now if I were you

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Yes, I said that to myself today. It’s wiser for me now, at least until I start hatching and lleveling up Legendary Hybrids to the maximum level.

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Also you gotta take cooldowns in consideration too so you might need to double up, triple up on certain creatures, having 2 allonog would be better than having 1 stronger one for now

Do you know his cooldown for level 30?

It’s pretty low, 1 day and 3 hrs

thx :slight_smile:

Got my Allo on lvl 20, and good think just happened to me, I put that two allos to the creation lab and 3 incomplete attempts took me 360 bucks and then just “Connection to the game server lost” I when I get back mine 360 buck was still there and second Allo was level 1 again and, I then, in creation lab first attempt was successful


Nice, something happened to me the other day, got one of the free mystery packs and got a mod in it, annoying cos I like to keep a clear market so I would have had to buy 2 more mods and battle, game crashed and when I came back into the game no mods and the card pack was still their, it had 3 bucks cards in! Happy days :slight_smile:

Level 20 allonog is brilliant for dominator he has the most perfect stats