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Alloraptor and erlikogamma made of wrong combination

alloraptor should be Allo G2 + charlie (which has strong attack)
erlikogamma should be Erliko G2 + Delta (which can run away)


I agree with this

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But we are also talking about people who made spxs from creatures have good health and made it almost two shot by anything I mean even it’s rare parents has more health

Exactly. I mean, Alloraptor has real Unique potential, so I’m not complaining (I have loads of Delta DNA), but
Erlikogamma—Delta’s run move and really high speed
Alloraptor—Charlie’s offense moveset and lower speed

I’ve brought attention to this before.

but i wouldn’t have my alloraptor if it used charlie dna. don’t have enough for that :cry:
I do see your point tho.