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Alloraptor and Thylacotator: The Unsung Heroes

I’m utterly surprised by the apparent lack of knowledge in regards to some amazing counters to some of the top tier tanks like Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, Trykosaurus, Diorajasaurus, etc.

Enter Thylacotator, the nightmarish combination of the bulky Suchotator and the stealthy Thylacoleo (“marsupial lion”).

Here we have a creature that can basically 2-shot whatever can’t resist or heal off bleed or distract it. Maiming Wound into Rending Takedown is a recipe for doom. Neither Ardentismaxima or Trykosaurus, two creatures that have wreaked havoc on the arenas lately, will be able to withstand that barrage.

Next up is a ferocious predator that packs a terrifying punch. This is none other than Alloraptor, the fusion between the Velociraptor (Delta) and the adult Allosaurus (Allosaurus GEN-2).

With a one-two-punch-style onslaught using High Pounce and Rending Takedown, it certainly makes its opponents hurt. While it may not always be a perfect 2HKO like with Thylacotator, Alloraptor can continue to pack heavy hits with Definite Impact or another High Pounce. With a resistance to distraction and a complete immunity to deceleration, like with Thylacotator, it is certain to bring the resilient tanks down to their knees.

Without boosts, these two can easily drop the hefty brawlers of the arenas, even holding their own in the late-game. When out-leveled or out-boosted, they still make their opponents hurt. When you deal with a resilient tank that seems unbeatable, remember these two near-perfect tank killers.

“Omg I see you have games on your phone can I play?”


The last picture scares me


I tried Allorap at the beginning of 2.0. Here’s the problem with her: she has horrendous HP and is pretty much swap in fodder after one hit. The recent Maxima nerfs might help it a bit in 2.1 but it really doesn’t deserve that low of HP for the speed bracket it is in.


Lol unsung?..ya more like common knowledge but ya it’s the reason it’s hasn’t left my team since 1.9


I say unsung because surprisingly I haven’t been seeing either of them, and people kept whining about Trykosaurus and Ardentismaxima like they were completely unstoppable.

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Every time I’ve faced off against any of the tanks with Alloraptor, it was either a kill or close to one. Keep in mind mine is only level 20 and has been facing off against the nightmare of the Aviary.

True @Piere87 but (playing devil’s advocate) it also makes sense; it’s the only raptor that immune to decel, that’s huge not only that it can two shot a lot of tanks and also of chomper so of course it makes a bit of blancing sense to nerf it’s health. The same thing happened with thyla remember when it had 4.5k hp it was a beast now imagine if it didn’t have that nerf but ha the same kit and resistances of today…it would be way too strong agave have way too much survivability. So I’m order to make it good at it’s job but not broke it made sense to shave off that extra 450 hp.

Everytime I used it, DC, Monorhino, Thyla, Monostego, Orion, or even Mags would swap in and either kill or destroy me after they swapped in.


The issue with both of these 2 is magna (and several others) because you cant swap either in against Max or they’re dead and if your opponent has either out you can swap to magna and its helpless. The main counters to the gold standard dinos are inherently useless against the end game dinos they will typically face.

It was mostly DC for me. Barely got any chance to use her because of it.

Alloraptor typically landed one single hit before something got swapped in and finished her.

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I’ve been using both as predictions. A lot of people seem to lead with Ardentismaxima or Trykosaurus, and as such I’ve been sending Alloraptor or Thylacotator in first. Yeah, I get unlucky and face off against something less than favorable, but the prediction is great and seems to work out very often. And if you don’t manage to take the tank down, you’ve at least knocked out some decent chunks of health

But anyone reasonably experienced will swap to magna and end them. Now magna probably takes a piece of your next dino, they still have a full health Max and you’re down 1-0. I realize they have value but they’re too weak against too much


Yeah, this is common knowledge. I don’t see Thylacotator a lot myself, but it is there occasionally, and I use it myself. Alloraptor is too frail.

I’m surprised Phorusaura isn’t on the list


Only reason Thyla is still relatively rare, is the fact that even as good as it was before, it only became a “must have” with 2.0 and the Maxima/Tryko buff. Before that, most players were spending their sanctuary interactions and DNA requests on other dinos. So basically, there’s an impressive amount of Thyco out currently, if we take into account how hard it is to get Marsupial Lion DNA…

Those first two pictures tho, Thyla looks like such a chad :laughing:


The virgin Smilonemys

And the chad Thylacotator