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Alloraptor Epic fusion (poll)

If Alloraptor’s super-hybrid were to be composed of an addition of an Epic creature, which would you suggest? Remember, this would be 200 DNA a spin, after leveling it to 20.

I only chose those that I found aesthetically pleasing lol
  • Acrocanthosaurus
  • Baryonyx
  • Blue
  • Dakotaraptor
  • Pyroraptor
  • Troodon
  • Other (discuss in comments)

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I personaly would go with dakota out of all these as i do think alloraptor would need some feathers to look awesome

In terms of the moves allo generaly is best goin full cunning as long as it has the dmg, decel immunity and RT so some extra cunningness wouldn’t hurt

The rest are either execlusive and i don’t think u can fuse 2 execlusives
Or i wanna save for some of my own hybrids(trust me tho i got a realy cool one for acro and troodon)
Tho i guess the 2nd one would be more of a lesser thing but thats just my opinion

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Also i personaly do think it would be allo getting the next unique mostly as we had a week of allo g2 and a week of quite literaly 3 attempts on it slef(plus we need uniques for championships)


I personally want to see Alloraptor get a superhybrid with Oviraptor. I think that Devious Strike would compliment Alloraptor’s current kit perfectly. Give it Sidestep too? Even Better.


A pitch black Alloraptor would be awesome, I just hope it wouldn’t have as much plumage as Dakota currently has, though. Very rough with the current graphics.

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Oof. Could be an interesting kit, but unless it’s just Oviraptor’s arm and tail feathers added, I would be hesitant about the design, considering Alloraptor’s head design is one of the coolest in the game.

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Any as long as it’s a dinosaur and keeps the awesome design going. Both allosaurus gen2 and alloraptor look amazing. Would suck for it to mix with a Cenozoic or something ugly.


A million times this. Don’t. you. dare mix it with andrewsarchus Ludia. Or one of those -tops -chops -nops atrocities…


I Will go for bary because we need more fierce creature and we have a lot of bary dna.

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I don’t. I struggle with levelling Tryo, and Bary is bottleneck for me.


I can see the majority of voters want acro to be part of the fusion? Can someone clear to me why? I’m not trying to be rude it’s just that I haven’t unlocked it yet

Bary because
a) another exclusive means more power
b) the kit possibilities that opens up
c) I have a lot of Bary lol

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We need a real raptor unique, so I pick Dakota. Indoraptor isn’t a real raptor. raptor with evasive strike, rending take down, cunning rampage, and sidestep.

Why 2 basic moves?

Yes, and they’re both Evasion moves

I think acro would make it worse unless it gained a lot of hp

idk what i’d fuse her with, but i feel her unique could benefit with a bit more HP and a dad bit of armor. 10-15%. so rather than fusing with a cunning or fierce, i’d fuse her with a more resilient type.

Whatever alloraptor will be fused it’s gonna be op

I feel like fusing it with a resilient would be too drastic of a change to what it has going for it. It’s quite possibly the ultimate glass cannon in the game atm, maybe a larger theropod addition could help with its HP but Idk how I would feel about really messing with its play style. My personal pick isn’t even on this list but I would love it to be Carnotaurus.

The gorgonops creatures are actually cool. Dakotanops is sick. but no moschops or mammal