Alloraptor fusion unique?

Do you think this beautiful dinosaur will have a unique fusion?

I know you still don’t know

I have an alloraptor level 20 and I don’t know raise the level or wait

any suggestions?


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i’d wait it out for another patch at least. you never know what Ludia will come up with as far as fusion materials.

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It’s great as it is, but I’d say wait. That always seems to be the best strategy.

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Don’t you press that big green button yet!! :sweat_smile:

Since it’s not yet a superhybrid, it will most likely get one in the future. Probably before Alankylo gets one.

I say go for it! If you like him and want to put him on your team then level him! I have a level 27 utasino that’s been on my team for the better part of a year and a half. :partying_face:

yes and before alankylosaurus for one obvious reason…
One of his component is an event exclusive dino!

Definitely wait for it’s unique hybrid, allo g2 is exclusive, but if you have 1000000+ then go for that lvl 30 alloraptor!

I hope its not kelenken, because it’s a “national treasure” along with titanoboa GEN 2