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Alloraptor hybrid concept

Note: Tested in arena simulator, counters perfectly trykosaurus and thoradolosaurus, however looses in combat with other cunnings such as indoraptor.
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I like the concept, as long as alloraptor’s hybrid looks as amazing as she does I’m happy, but I am curious about the name… I feel like I’ve seen something about it before or I feel like its an actual creature but not entirely sure…

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You’re probably thinking about Gojirasaurus (or Gojira himself)


ah yes that’s it, thank you

why is the name related to godzilla?
gojira is one of godzilla’s nicknames

To be completely honest, megistotherium is second ingridient only because it has short, bulky head and small ears, nothing more, nothing less. By making alloraptor bulkier, adding ears and dorsal plates, we are going to recieve something like mini Godzilla, what might look fenomenal in my opinion, especially comparing to many other unique superhybrids.

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It’s most likely going to be carnoraptor
I hope!!!
But I kinda like alloraptor more

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Not nickname, original name. Gojira is Godzilla’s japanese name.

Nice attack and good crt

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i approve. i used the same ingredients lol. called megistalloraptor. though the stats and kit were different…
– the alloraptor main

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