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Alloraptor Hybrid Ingredient (poll)

The day will come! Personally, I would like the design to be really aesthetically sharp, rather than odd or weak. So I’ve listed the choices I would be most okay with.

What would you choose, if it was up to you?
  • Deinonychus
  • Tarbosaurus
  • Carnotaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus Gen 2
  • Baryonyx
  • Spinosaurus
  • Other (Discuss in comments)

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lets see…
Gorgonops would be cool
Raptor model but with blue stripes and sharp teeth


I have a feeling that would make it a quadruped, and I’m not really for that, myself.

not neccesarily
a gorgon hybrid could become bipedal

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You could get a bipedal theropod+gorgonopsid hybrid.

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This is pretty much my one demand for alloraptor’s superhybrid lol. It must be aesthetically pleasing.

A carno fusion would be cool. Postosuchus, or megistotherium maybe if they do it right.


Eh, you could be right, but I’m also not a fan of their head designs. If it would be a gorgonopsid, I would at least pic Arctops for its more fierce head

ok arctops works too
im just picturing an alloraptor with scary teeth

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Scary teeth would be Alloraptor+Kapro, but I don’t see that as a possibility since Kapro already has two. I bet alloraptor+Tany would look pretty wicked


T. rex G2 + Allorap to make an tyrannosaur with some allosaur features would be pretty hype

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Yeah, a Gorgonops hybrid would be cool. Low slung bipedal with Gorgonops-style snout but the ridges & overall frame of the Alloraptor would look cool. Could be a pretty strong Cunning

TBH I wouldn’t mind seeing it get a Ptero fusion either, with something like Dimorph, to give it Bleed. Dimorph is kinda under-loved right now, too.

Carnotaurus+Alloraptor = a raptor with a counter attack. sure, sign me up!


Scutosaurus. Allutoraptor. A raptor with a little bit of armor could be really cool and would help him retain decel immunity.

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Andrewsarchus. I think it would look funny and it would be great at rending, which I like^^

Keep that hog away from my pretty boi Alloraptor lol


I have 2 versions of it

  1. This one is with scuto, gives it stun immunity (or resistance) and keeps decel immunity, gives it some armor and some health as well (to make sure it cant be 1 shot anymore), speed shouldnt change much since it will still be a raptor and damage possibly lower a little, it’s still going to be very high damage. Give it revenge properties like revenge takedown and give it a decel move so it has a chance against faster creatures, it will be a wildcard and it will be extremely powerful.
    Link: New Super Hybrid Ideas (WARNING: Many Overpowered Creatures!)
    It will be an armored alloraptor with raptor head and body but with the colour of scuto which makes it brown, and a hint of dark blue on its body, its skin will be hard like scuto as its armour.

  2. The next one will be with tanycolagreus. Might be slightly weaker than the former one but it will still be very powerful. Give it distraction immunity like tany has, health stays the same and damage will be similar, speed however will be faster because tany is fast so it should have higher speed. Give it back the ability to hit through dodges (in fact 3 moves to hit through it) so Dodgers will have a hard time against it. It has a nullifying move which would be very useful. This is a high output cunning fierce and not much changed other than it now can nullify and hit through dodges

    (Ignore the revenge as the revenge is not supposed to be there)

i imagine indoraptor model

We need another bleeding cunning since spyxs doesn’t anymore. I also made a allo with carno once. Do rending takedown and get that counter it. That opponent will have 1 up left

Probably similar, but bipedal, with a somewhat more rectangular snout and more dorsal/supraorbital crests

I want the unique to be even more on the fierce side, so baryonyx seems like the best option there. Besides, i know many players have tons of bary Dna just sitting there :rofl: