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Alloraptor Hybrid Ingredient (poll)

I wish I started when I could’ve had all that Bary. It’s a dry spell for my Tryo since 2.0!

How do I know you are a year 1 player?

Year 1’s: Let me show you my credentials

And I know others have wayyy more than me lol. Strange times!


I would want the alloraptor to keep the raptor look Here is a movset I have in mind though
Cunning stike
Persice pounce
Rending takedown
Definite rampage

I made a glyptodon superhybrid for it
Although I haven’t yet made a moveset

I think an alloranyx would be AWESOME! And a good moveset could be:
cunning strike
group takedown
fierce rampage

There are a couple options that would be really cool. I’m actually doing some sketches of the Alloraptor hybrid options. I’ll show them here when I’m finished.

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how about acrocathosaurs and alloraptor to make acroraptor
Moves- Moves- Fierce strike
Cunning strike Percise pounce
High Pounce Rending takedown
Rending takedown Distracting rampage
Fierce impact