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Alloraptor needs to be nerfed

So.ludia after you felt you need to nerf mono and sarco you need now to nerf allo. He is eveerywhere in pvp …
Guys are pumping him with speed cause you cant slow him down…

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It’s a glass canon and gets destroyed by swap, allo is fine


if you have a Resilient with a rampage ability then you can handle it and switch to swap in creature


He is so squishy, it’s like the easiest thing to kill.

But I does need a super hybrid !


Most other cunnings can kill it due to its slow speed, especially those with dodge. It’s also super weak vs swap ins.


If he’s everywhere then I must be a champion at avoiding them because I haven’t seen one being used against me at all for over two months in Library. Even in Tournaments I’d say it has no reason to be nerfed at all, as it is the definition of a glass cannon, and extremely susceptible to swap ins. One gust of wind and it’s in Ceramagnus swap in range


alloraptor doesnt need a nerf. Its a good creature but you need to put boost a lot. Especially the speed.

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It’s very much a glass cannon type of deal. It hits hard, but it cant take it. One hit and shes in swap range.

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Alloraptor is totally fine, doesn’t need to be touched. Has good strengths while having very real and exploitable weaknesses.

If anything Alloraptor needs health buff. Its swap in bait now.

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Alloraptor doesn’t need a nerf. It has a good kit but can’t do much damage as its health is too low.

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Needs a hybrid more than a nerf in my opinion, its meant to be strong made from an epic event exclusive.

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The swap-in-stunning target glass canon really doesn’t need a nerf. I think its already decent, may be worse idk how it ranks in tier lists, and can be taken out easily with proper creatures, like using dodge works really well, it already has low health and is simply begging to have something come and use SISS after being hit because of its low health

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Indom can deal with the very easy, cloak and rampage

In the arena, alloraptor is kinda lousy. It has to juggle all of its stats and is just swap bait

What Alloraptor needs is a unique hybrid.


Man bro and im about to super boost mine lol

This is the only Alloraptor that I’ve seen in the arena since the boost reset. It did a lot of damage! But I still don’t think she needs a nerf.


Thats a nice snack for mortem with that speed :rofl:

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