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Alloraptor needs to be nerfed

Why was this hidden
Nothing wrong with it

There’s a few high speed ones around I’ve seen in the library, 146, if I remember rightly, & another in the 150 mark, they can be a pain, but as others have said for the most part easily dispatched there health is there Achilles heel, as @MattCrad01 said a hybrid could be interesting but a nerf ,no I don’t think so

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Alloraptor is fine it does not need a Nerf

See allo in tournament ?? You have wolly ??
Just swap in wolly, alllo gets stunned, allo attack, you attack… Allo die …

If this tournament so far has taught me anything is that alloraptor definitely does not need a nerf.

Or better yet say insert Dino here touches alloraptor.

Alloraptor: nearly dies

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There’s two reasons why Alloraptor is balanced but pre-2.7 Monolometerodon wasn’t. Alloraptor has to use a basic strike to distract on turn 1, and it doesn’t have enough bulk to take more than one or two hits.

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I preferred it when it could go through cloak can’t remember when that got changed, its best legendary counter is the phospho
Swop in stun and instant rampage dead allorap then it doesn’t even matter what its speed is

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Yeah I too miss the old moveset, but at least it’s still viable now

Yeah I used to run it, before I got better uniques to take down maxima. Would lv it more but I know one day it will get a super hybrid, might aswell save then spend.


It has damage, speed and resistances but it cannot distract and inflict a lot of damage, I see it balanced, complex to counter but not impossible

Allosino beats it

creatures like monomimus or smiloceph


poukaidei work fine

Hi Matt, alloraptor moveset was changed in update 2.2, bud

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Its a bit sloppy but I thought it would be fin to draw


My goodness @Snake_Dude why must you be this good with illustrating my comments :joy:


There was an opportunity and I took it! :rofl: Glad you like it!


swap in moves can destroy it and if something is faster like phorusaura it dies very quickly