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Alloraptor now suggestions with stats

Ludia I again please you to add Alloraptor to the game: It can be super hybrid made from Carnoraptor
Type: Super Hybrid
Class: Rare
How to get: Collecting SDNA Allosaurus - 1500 Allosaurus SDNA + Level 40 Carnoraptor - then 660 Allosaurus SDNA in the market
Stats level 40:
Health 4 540
Attack: 1 975
Coins: 390 180/3 hours

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Needs to be buffed. Generally super hybrids maxed are double the ferocity of original hybrid maxed. Should have ferocity of around 5k hp and 1900 attack.

I know my original mean was
HP: 3 550
Attack: 1 575

But i was look on diplosuchus and tapejalocephalus and i dont think this is posible or do you think i shoud change it?

Yes. Carnoraptor is only a bit worse than spinoraptor so this s hybrid shout be comparable but a bit worse than Spinotasuchus.

this then?

I honestly still think it needs a buff. It needs to have around double the stats of a max Carnoraptor. All super hybrids follow this rule. I guess it’s up to you though since you created it so just my opinion.

i tryed give him stats based on other super hybrids rare to get higher chance Ludia really create his for the game but if you think that i should give him better stats i can give here my first mind stats that i has when i gave here first sugesttions a few months ago so what you say now?

Ludia @Keith @Ned Take a look

Hello Lucky14, :eyes:


Hi, there, sorry i am a little surprised you say me hi :smiley:


@Keith I am sorry i use alloraptor from jwa, i tried a draw one more based on carnoraptor but i am not able to draw if, even i have some old drawing of my own alloraptor old two years for my fantasy story, which i must renamed bec you use that name on JWA :smiley: , but they also dont are similar to carnoraptor


Alloraptor is a hybrid of Allosaurus Gen 2 and Delta (raptor squad)

yes, but the way how he can be in jw tg is a super hybrid from carnoraptor

Or the inclusion of allosaurus Gen 2 and the raptor squad.

Hatchable Raptor squad - also my dream :smiley:

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In fact! The Carnoraptor is weaker than Spinoraptor just a bit! So Alloraptor should be this stats:
Health:4558 Damage:3330 Coin:480180/3H
It’s maybe Best!! Hope you rep me.

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So be it I Will be happy if Ludia add him to game at least

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I agree!! By the way…do you have Facebook? Can we add friend? Cuz i very love how you mix Dino!!

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you re in group, are you? is so i write you a pm

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I’m in group Jurassic World Games - The Group