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Alloraptor nurf?

I think alloraptor should be nurffed.

Nurffed things: Lower amount of rampage, make it able to be slowed, nurf attack by 75, critical chance.

But there should be one buff and that is it’s health. Increase it by 90.

Not sure it needs a nerf… its a glass canon and can be easily countered


Yeah my only problem really is it’s resistances

Ye, faster cannons

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It’s insanley vulnarable to swap in as it does not have stun or rend resistance and has incredebly low hp

And it’s the slowest of the raptors so most cunnings will destroy it

Also it’s like the highest execlusivity legendary so yeah


It’s literally swap in bait as it is now, it needs a buff if anything, whether directly or indirectly


Losing pounce and definite WAS the nerf. Its a legendary hybrid after all, let’s hope when its superhybrid comes out it will tackle the swap ins and other situations better and also have better stats (damage is more than enough though)

Its fine as it is tbh, the only time it gets out of hand is when boosted which applies to everything.
Also for the love of god never ever remove its slow resistance, its the only thing making it viable.