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Alloraptor or Indoraptor 2

Since tomorrow have legendary which one should I go for

  • Alloraptor
  • Indoraptor 2

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I say Alloraptor so you can get MORE DNA

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I’d say alloraptor, mainly because its bound to get a unique superhybrid one day, and indoraptor 2.0 can just be underwhelming once you unlock more creatures, but that’s just my opinion



Alloraptor: High Pounce, Dead
Indoraptor 2: Distracting impact, cautious strike

But I still say Alloraptor


Alloraptor is more versatile, it can manage against a class resilient. and indoraptor no, that’s why it is millions of times better

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I personally am going with indo because I need it’s dna more than alloraptor (I am using both but I have enough alloraptor to get about half way to 26 whereas indo gen 2 is nearly 24)

How much Dna did you guys get. I got 107